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はじめに @typesスコープを管理しているDefinitely Typedは、Microsoftから支援を受けているものの、Microsoftの脆弱性報奨金制度におけるセーフハーバーの対象ではありません

Tampering with arbitrary packages in @types scope of npm

Preface Definitely Typed, a project which manages npm packages inside the @types scope, is supported by Microsoft. However, it is not in the scope of the safe harbor for Microsoft’s bug bounty program.1 This article describes the vulnerabilities that were reported as potential vulnerabilities, using publicly available information. This was done without actually exploiting / demonstrating the vulnerabilities. This article is not intended to encourage you to perform an unauthorized vulnerability assessment. If you find any vulnerabilities in Definitely Typed related products, please report them to members of Definitely Typed. TL;DR There were vulnerabilities in the pull request management bot of Definitely Typed, which allowed an attacker to merge a malicious pull request into DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped.